22 Ethical + Sustainable Canadian Clothing Brands

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There’s a wide variety of sustainable clothing brands in Canada. Whether you want workleisure, athleisure, basics, or statement pieces, there’s something for you in this list—including more size-inclusive and affordable options.

As a sustainable fashion blogger, I’ve vetted these brands based on their labor practices, materials, circularity, and more. See my process for evaluating brands for more info.

This post is sponsored by Althyrea, a Canadian brand with timeless staples made in North America. This post also contains affiliate links, meaning that I may earn a small commission on any purchases through those links, at no extra cost to you.

Ethical Canadian Clothing Brands

For each brand, I list out an approximate pricing scale, with one dollar sign meaning an average price of $100 or less, two dollar signs meaning $100-200, and three dollar signs meaning $200-300+. I also include the size range, but keep in mind that sizing can vary by the garment.

1. Althyrea

Pricing: $$-$$$
Size range: XS-XL

Althyrea is a sustainable Canadian brand inspired by the British Columbia coast. The brand crafts polished, versatile pieces perfect for a walk along the water, afternoon lounging inside, or a day out.

If you’re familiar with TikTok “aesthetics,” Althyrea would fit neatly into “coastal grandma,” which is known for breezy button-ups, light neutrals, cozy sweaters, and linen pants (and no, you don’t have to be a grandma to take part in the style—the term was actually coined by a millennial!).

Althyrea’s coastal-inspired clothing is primarily made from natural, European fabrics like organic cotton and Irish linen. Their pieces are made in Canada and the USA, where their workers are paid a living wage, have a work-life balance, and work in safe conditions. Once your Althyrea clothing is worn out, you can send it back to them for recycling.

Althyrea is a member of 1% for the Planet, which allows them to contribute to environmental and wildlife conservation projects, and most of their materials include relevant certifications such as the Responsible Wool Standard, OEKO-TEX®, Global Organic Textile Standard, ZQ Merino, bluesign, and more.

Me wearing the Althyrea light tan Victoria Vest over a green gingham dress by the river
Me wearing the Althyrea’s Victoria Vest in British Khaki

I tried the Victoria Vest, which is handmade in Canada with durable, water-resistant fabric crafted in Switzerland. I appreciated the warmth, weight, and structure of the vest, as well as the pockets to keep my things secure. I look forward to wearing it in everyday settings, on hikes, and on runs.

Althyrea recently launched their Spring ‘23 Salish Sea Collection, featuring lightweight, colorful, and timeless pieces to carry you into Summer.

Shop Althyrea here. New visitors can sign up for Althyrea’s newsletter to get 15% off.

2. tentree

Pricing: $-$$
Size range: XS-XXL

Tentree is a brand true to its name: for every purchase, they plant 10 native trees. You can scan the QR code on the back of item tags to see where the trees are being planted.

They offer mostly athleisure and everyday clothing in feminine and masculine styles. Their materials include organic cotton, recycled polyester, TENCEL, and hemp.

Tentree lists their factories on their site, including their certifications, last year audited, and their social compliance programs.

While the retail price of tentree’s products is pretty standard for a sustainable brand (on the higher side in general), they do have great sales, so keep an eye out for those. I’ve been able to get sports bras, organic cotton, long sleeve shirts, and bike shorts for under $30 during sales, and I’ve been happy with the quality. See my full tentree review for more info.

Shop tentree here.

3. Kotn

Pricing: $-$$
Size range: XS-XXL

Kotn offers polished classics made from, you guessed it, cotton (as well as some other natural fibers like linen). Their cotton is grown in Egypt, and the brand reinvests in those communities by building schools.

Kotn has a wide variety of edgy and polished basics, ranging from loungewear to blazers. I’ve tried their sweatpants and tees and found them high-quality. Their free returns are helpful in case the sizing isn’t as you expected.

Kotn is a B Corp, meaning that it meets high standards for social responsibility across its entire supply chain. Most of their pieces are made from Egyptian cotton, and half the HQ team actually lives in Egypt, allowing them to visit their farms and facilities weekly. They pay at least 14% about the local minimum wage and they pay 26% above it on average.

Shop Kotn.

4. TAMGA Designs

Size range: XS-XXL
Cost: $$

TAMGA Designs is best-known for their bohemian-inspired dresses. These beautiful floral pieces come in natural fabrics such as TENCEL, ECOVERO, European Flax linen, and Lenzing modal.

The fabrics are spun, woven and printed with GOTS-certified dyes in Indonesia, before being cut and sewn by workers who make a living wage in Bali.

1% of TAMGA’s revenues are donated to reforestation through 1% for the Planet.

Shop TAMGA Designs here.

5. Pros & Cons

Pricing: $$-$$$
Size range: XS-XL

Pros & Cons is a small Canadian brand with styles that are romantic, feminine, and modern.

Their new line of dresses feature sweet details like ruffles, halter tops, and delicate prints. The dresses are made with organic ECOVERO and printed with Oeko-Tex certified dyes. Their other items include summery tops and skirts. All pieces are made strategically to reduce fabric waste.

Pros & Cons traces their production to ensure fair wages and conditions for their manufacturing partners. The founder and owner of Pros & Cons does all the designing, materials sourcing, and first sample making. The finished-product manufacturer is located right in Toronto, and the owner visits the small team throughout the manufacturing process.

Shop Pros & Cons here.

6. Encircled

Size range: XS-XXL
Cost: $$

Encircled is a B corp that carries versatile workleisure made from natural fibers. They’re known for their convertible pieces, where one garment can be adjusted into different styles.

Encircled lists their suppliers and which pieces are made at each factory; their factories are all under 35km from their headquarters in Toronto. Their workers are paid a living wage and they sew in safe conditions.

Shop Encircled here.

7. Franc

Size range: XS-3X
Cost: $

If you’re looking for more affordable basics, Franc is your brand. You’ll find t-shirts, sweats, sweaters, and more, all made from a TENCEL and GOTS-certified organic cotton blend.

Franc is a B Corp that has two factories just 30km outside of their headquarters in Toronto. They visit their suppliers regularly to ensure the workers are treated fairly. The workers without experience start at $15/hr for 3 months while they receive training, and those with experience are paid $19+/hr.

Shop Franc here. Use code IMPERFECTIDEALIST for 10% off.

8. Anne Mulaire

Size range: XXS-6X
Cost: $$-$$$

Anne Mulaire is a Canadian and Indigenous-owned slow fashion brand. They’re known for their quality basics and workleisure, often made from bamboo viscose. All their pieces come in sizes XXS-6X with customization options.

90% of their fabrics are milled in Canada and they’re then made into clothing in Anne Mulaire’s own textile manufacturer in Winnipeg. All their seamstresses are paid a living wage with benefits.

They have a bi-annual Zero Waste Initiative where they turn any fabric scraps into unique collections. They also have a Refresh + Resale program where you can send back your old Anne Mulaire pieces and have them mended, or resell your pieces in good condition.​

Shop Anne Mulaire here. Use code LILY15 for 15% off.

9. Gabe Clothing

Size range: XS-XL
Cost: $

Located a little north of Toronto, Gabe Clothing is both a sustainable manufacturer and brand. Using GOTS-certified organic cotton, they create elevated basics, ranging from comfy hoodies and loungewear sets to soft T-shirts and fleece shorts.

Gabe Clothing has been in business since 1999, with the owners handcrafting the pieces alongside dedicated artisans, using both old-fashioned sewing machines and cutting-edge machinery.

The clothing is all knitted and dyed in Ontario, with everything being assembled in their factory. Gabe Clothing’s minimum wage is $19.50, with the standard being $15 across Ontario. Ethically-driven Canadian brands like Encircled and Tilley consistently choose Gabe Clothing to manufacture their collections.

Shop Gabe Clothing here.

10. Free Label

Size range: XS-5X
Cost: $$

The unique cuts and jewel tones of Free Label’s pieces draw you in immediately. This Canadian ethical brand creates size-inclusive staples made from natural fabrics (many of which are organic and custom-milled in Toronto).

Free Label’s factories are within a 10-minute drive of their Vancouver office. They visit their manufacturing partners weekly to discuss designs, check production, or drop off coffee and snacks.

Shop Free Label here.

11. The Good Tee

Size range: XS-XL
Cost: $

For affordable loungewear in masculine and feminine styles, check out The Good Tee. You’ll find a variety of tees, dresses, sweats, and accessories, with many products under $50.

The Good Tee is a B Corp and uses organic, Fairtrade cotton to make their items. In fact, their products are Fairtrade certified, meaning that the workers in their supply chain work in safe conditions, and are paid Fairtrade minimum prices for their goods or labor. Their suppliers are also paid a Fairtrade Premium, which goes into a communal fund for workers and farmers to use as they see fit.

Shop The Good Tee here.

12. Eve Gravel

Size range: XS-XXL
Cost: $$-$$$

While many sustainable brands offer more basic styles, Eve Gravel takes things up a notch with their unique silhouettes and abstract prints. Each season original prints are created in collaboration with Montreal artists, making Eve Gravel’s pieces true statement pieces.

All pieces are produced locally in Montreal in small batches, and the workers are provided safe conditions and a fair wage.

Shop Eve Gravel here.

13. Alder Apparel

Size range: XS-6X
Cost: $-$$

Alder Apparel makes sustainable, stylish, and size-inclusive activewear. You’ll love the rich colors of their fleece jackets, matching sets, and hiking gear.

Their pieces are made of natural or recycled fabrics by audited suppliers, mainly in Southeast Asia. They list their suppliers and which items are produced there, along with any fair labor certifications and worker benefits.

Alder has a Feel Good Guarantee covering manufacturing defects for life, and they also have a Recreate Market selling gently-used Alder pieces.

Shop Alder Apparel here. Use code IMPERFECTIDEALIST for 15% off.

14. Oge Ajibe

Size range: XS-5XL
Cost: $$-$$$

Oge Ajibe is a small Black-owned brand offering flowy and feminine styles in inclusive sizing. Everything is made in-house by the owner Ogechukwu Ajibe. In fact, she runs the entire business herself, from pattern making to marketing.

You’ll find wrap tops, two tone pants, dresses, and more, all made with 100% cotton or deadstock and recycled materials.

Shop Oge Ajibe here.

15. Beaton

Size range: XS-4X
Cost: $$-$$$

For versatile linen pieces in earthy tones, look no further than Beaton. Beaton is based in Vancouver, where all their garments are made in a small studio.

Their linen is grown, milled, and spun in Europe, and then the fabric is dyed in the US with low-impact dyes.

Shop Beaton here.

16. Preloved

Size range: XS-XL
Cost: $

Preloved crafts streetwear and activewear out of vintage and deadstock fabrics. Over the last 25 years, they’ve diverted around 1 million garments from the landfill. All the designing, manufacturing, and shipping is done in Canada, and their studio is actually in the middle of their factory.

Several of Preloved’s pieces include a patchwork section, often shaped as a heart. You can even send in your own preloved pieces to become part of a custom patchwork sweatshirt or oven mitts.

Shop Preloved here.

Ethical Canadian Swimwear, Undies, Accessories

17. Londre

Size range: XS-4X
Cost: $$

Londre makes flattering swimwear from recycled plastic bottles. Their pieces have bold, sexy details such as a low coverage back, cheeky bottom, or even a sweetheart neckline and puff sleeves.

Their styles are not only impeccable; they’re also on top of their sustainability measures. The water used in production is reused and free of harmful chemicals. Londre’s factories are all based in Vancouver, and their sewists are paid above a living wage. If your suit wears out in the first year, the company pays for your repairs. At the end of your suit’s life, Londre will also take your suit back and turn it into a new piece.

I was gifted their 1813 Puff Shoulder Top, which looks like it’s straight out of a fairytale. I love how it’s reversible and how unique of a style it is for a bathing suit. I also got a pair of tie bottoms to go with the top (the Nicole Bottom). Both pieces are thick and durable, and I’m sure I’ll get years of wear out of them. I was between sizes on the bottoms and sized up, and am glad I did since they’re on the more compressive side (and are cheeky).

Shop Londre here.

18. Nettle’s Tale

Size range: XS-4X in swimwear, S-3X in clothing
Cost: $-$$

Nettle’s Tale is best-known for its recycled polyester swimwear, but they also have a comfy clothing line made from natural fabrics. Their swimwear is more modest and size-inclusive, and many pieces come in sweet, colorful patterns.

90% of their pieces are made in Canada, only a 10-minute drive from their headquarters. They also have a factory in Taiwan, where workers are paid 15% above the industry average, and 80% of leadership positions are held by women. Their second non-Canadian factory is based in Los Angeles, and it’s been family-owned and operated for over 25 years.

Shop Nettle’s Tale here.

19. Aisle

Size range: XS-5X
Cost: $-$$

Aisle is a B Corp that makes gender-neutral period undies, reusable pads, and cups. Their undies are the real standout, as they’re made with TENCEL lyocell and organic cotton and not synthetics like most period underwear. Of course, the gusset is made primarily from recycled polyester for increased absorbency.

Their period undies come in all kinds of styles, from boxers to thongs. The higher-coverage styles have a “booster,” which is kind of like a reusable pad that can be inserted into the undies for increased absorbency (with it, they can hold up to 8 tampons’ worth of blood!).

For transparency, some people have complained that the booster doesn’t stay put very well. I haven’t used the booster yet, but I have enjoyed using the briefs and boxers. I especially like how the boxers have that absorbent gusset that goes all the way up in the back, making me feel secure when I’m sleeping.

Shop Aisle here.

20. Mary Young

Size range: XS-2X
Cost: $$

Mary Young is an underwear and loungewear brand made in Montreal. The undies and boxers are made primarily from Oeko-Tex certified bamboo rayon, and the company uses low-waste cutting techniques to reduce waste. With leftover fabric, Mary Young makes limited collections.

Their team visits their factory regularly to ensure safe and fair working conditions.

Shop Mary Young here.

21. Kind Karma Co

Cost: $

Necklace with two circles of different sizes interlinked

This Canadian jewelry company gives back. The pieces come in feminine and masculine/unisex styles, and they’re made by at-risk and homeless young people. The workers earn proceeds from sales to support their personal goals and wellness, such as funding education or housing.

Shop Kind Karma Co here. Use code IMPERFECTIDEALIST for 15% off.

22. Conscious Step

Cost: $

Socks with sloths on them and a tag that says "socks that protect sloths"

Conscious Step makes cool socks from Fairtrade organic cotton. Each pair of socks has an original design, and each purchase supports a good cause. You can even shop by cause, with the causes ranging from disaster relief to mental health.

Their factory is based in India, where their cotton also comes from, and it’s certified by Oeko-Tex, Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS), and Fairtrade International.

Shop Conscious Step here.

Have any more sustainable Canadian brand suggestions? Leave them in the comments! Find more suggestions in my ethical brand directory.

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