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As a blogger, I’m often asked about my favorite running gear, sustainable brands, and low-waste swaps. I wanted to share the things I love and use regularly in one post, in case you’re looking for recommendations in any of those categories!

Some of these items were PR products, which were gifted to me with no obligation to post. If they’re PR, I’ve marked them with an asterisk (*). If they were PR and then I went on to purchase more myself, I’ve marked them with a double asterisk (**).

This post also contains affiliate links and discount codes, meaning that I may earn a small commission on any purchases through these links and codes, at no extra cost to you.

Running Gear

Shoes: Brooks Launch, Allbirds Tree Flyers**

I’ve been running in the Brooks Launch since 2017. They’re my favorite neutral shoe and they have just the right amount of cushion. I usually buy these lightly-used on eBay for a steep discount and for sustainability reasons.

The Allbirds Tree Flyers are the first pair of more sustainable running shoes I’ve tried that actually perform well. I was gifted my first pair and went on to buy a second pair at REI. They’re lightweight, breathable, and super cool-looking.

If you’d like to buy yourself a pair, you can do so on the Allbirds website. If you use my link ,you’ll also get a free pair of socks (while supplies last). Just add a pair of shoes and socks to your cart, and the discount will be applied at checkout. 

GPS watch: COROS PACE 2, COROS APEX 2 (sample for review), Garmin Forerunner 255

Why 3 GPS watches? I’ve been testing so many loaner watches this year that I’ve been running with 2 at a time for the last several months. I don’t really know which one is my main one at this point haha.

I don’t own the COROS PACE 2, but it’s the best-value on the market, in my opinion. At $200, it has triathlon mode, 20-day battery life, and breadcrumb navigation. And it’s super light.

Run data on the COROS PACE 2 after a run

The COROS APEX 2 is a step up, and it has a more durable build, full mapping, and more tracking modes (including trail running).

Map on the APEX 2 pro on my wrist while hiking

The Garmin Forerunner 255S is super comfortable to wear. It can carry music if you get the music version, it has more accurate tracking options, and it has incident detection. You can also make contactless payments with your watch.

Data after a run on the Forerunner 255S
Garmin Forerunner 255S Music

I encourage you to check out my GPS watch comparisons if you’re looking for more in-depth guides.

If you want to go with a COROS watch, use my code COROS-Lily on the COROS website to get a free, extra watch band. Just add both the band and the watch to your cart before applying the code at checkout.

Shorts: Wolven Pocket Bike Short*

These bike shorts are made with recycled plastic bottles and have a comfy vegan suede finish.

Me wearing the Wolven turmeric pocket bike shorts after a run

Sports bras: Organic Basics Active Sports Bra** (Use code LILYOBX for 10% off)

I prefer sports bras with thin straps, and the Active Sports Bra by Organic Basics fits the bill while still being supportive (I do have a small chest though, so keep that in mind). I was gifted my first two sports bras and I went on to buy another one. These are comfortable enough that I even wear them as my everyday bra (I’ve never liked regular bras).

Gels: Huma

These gels are made from natural ingredients and are super easy to get down since they’re not as thick as other gels. You can get gels with and without caffiene.

Electrolyte drink: Nuun

These effervescent electrolyte tablets are vegan, Kosher, and gluten-free. The fizzy, fruity drink is super refreshing after a run, and they’re low in sugar (they’re lightly sweetened with stevia).

Sustainable Fashion

(First-time customers can get 15% off with the code IMPERFECTIDEALIST15)

Tradlands is an American ethical clothing brand dedicated to menswear-inspired, timeless, and size-inclusive pieces. I’ve been gifted a few pieces from them and bought a couple myself.

My absolute favorite is their Shelter Cardigan, which is thick, slouchy, and so versatile. I also love their Nico Linen Dress and Chalet Tiered Dress, which are easy and flowy—perfect for summer, but also great for layering.

Their pieces are on the pricier side, but you can find deep discounts on pre-loved items on Mercari and Poshmark (both are $10 off referral links if you haven’t signed up yet).

See my Tradlands review for more details.


Tentree is a Canadian brand that plants 10 trees per item purchased. When you receive the item, you can scan a QR code and see what kind of tree was planted, and where.

I’ve bought several items for myself and my brother, and I like that it’s on the more affordable side for a sustainable brand, as long as you shop their sales.

I personally like their activewear and how it’s a softer, more flexible, and more breathable material.

Learn more about tentree in my detailed review.

Wearing a Tentree longline active bra and high rise leggings in sea green with a button up on top
me wearing a tentree workout set


I won’t stop singing praises about Boody’s bamboo underwear. It has great coverage and is made with sturdy fabric that is both secure and breathable.

I was gifted a couple items from them in a TikTok collab, and honestly didn’t have the greatest experience negotiating rates with them, but I liked their undies so much that I spent my own money on them. (The full brief is my favorite, and you can learn more in my full Boody underwear review).

That said, I wouldn’t recommend their active pocket leggings (while they were super comfortable, they wore out in a year). Their socks are also so-so. While the bamboo fabric is very soft and sturdy, I feel like their socks are either too thick or too thin, depending on the styles I’ve tried.

Boody full brief in a tan color

Boma Jewelry*

I wear a version of this bi-disc necklace and these safety pin earrings all the time. I like how the bi-disc necklace feels very rooted in Asian culture while still complementing my everyday “American” style.

Boma safety pin earrings and bi-disc necklace on a mirror surrounded by flowers


I wear this paperclip necklace often. I love how it adds an elegant an edgy touch to any outfit, and it hasn’t tarnished despite me wearing it while sweaty and in the water.

Me wearing a paperclip necklace and bi-disc necklace with a mustard linen shirt. Cherry blossom trees are in the background

Sustainable Lifestyle

Shampoo and conditioner bar: HiBAR, The Earthling Co*

HiBAR is the easiest shampoo bar I’ve used because of its gripable shape.

The Earthling Co has the traditional circular shape, but I still like their bars because my hair feels super soft after using it.

To carry my shampoo and conditioner bars while traveling, I use this soap saver bag, which is ventilated and keeps the bars from getting mushy.

HiBAR conditioner bar in a box

Dental care: Bite toothpaste bits*, By Humankind floss*

Bite toothpaste bits are on the foamier side, and they aren’t as chalky as some other toothpaste tabs (like those made by By Humankind*, which I tried and didn’t love). You can get tablets with or without fluoride.

Bite toothpaste bits with a bamboo toothbrush

I’ve also tried Hey Humans* toothpaste in aluminum tubes, and while the toothpaste itself was great, the tubes are very unwieldy and kind of dangerous; they can break open towards the end and have sharp edges.

For floss, I liked By Humankind’s compostable silk floss, but it’s quite pricey ($12) compared to conventional alternatives, and I would prefer to use a vegan version that’s still compostable. Because of that, and since I also don’t always have access to composting, I’m still using conventional floss.

By Humankind mouthwash, toothpaste tablets, and floss

Also, I still use conventional toothbrushes since the bamboo ones I’ve tried rubbed the sides of my mouth raw.

Skincare: Natura Siberica Awakening Day Face Cream, Natura Siberica Soothing Night Face Cream, The Body Shop Vitamin C Serum*

I bought a couple Natura Siberica lotions in France in 2019 and used them until late 2022. They’re nothing fancy and not particularly sustainable, but they work for me. It’s kind of hard to find the brand in the US, even if you shop online, but I was able to get what I needed on eBay.

The Body Shop Vitamin C Serum smells lovely, isn’t greasy, and it has bakuchiol, which is an alternative to retinol that stimulates collagen-producing receptors in the skin.

Laundry detergent: TruEarth

Since I travel a lot and don’t want to carry liquid detergent or pods, laundry strips are my go-to as a lightweight, portable, and sustainable option. I’ve never had a good experience with TruEarth’s marketing team, but the product itself works well.

I’m testing out another brand of laundry strips and will report back once I have any feedback!

Menstrual cup and undies: DivaCup and Aisle*

I started using a menstrual cup in 2019, and it’s been such a game-changer for my periods. I’m able to sleep and swim without worrying about leaking, and it’s much more comfortable than pads or tampons while running.

The DivaCup is very well-known and easy to buy in-stores, but it’s on the firmer side. I’ve used it for 3 years and it’s softened up, but I’ve since tried the Aisle cup, and it was softer out of the box while still being sturdy.

If you’re on the fence about trying a menstrual cup, here’s my Diva Cup review and some pros and cons of menstrual cups.

Diva Cup in box

I also like Aisle’s size-inclusive and gender-neutral period underwear made from natural materials. The boxers are great for sleeping in, while the high-rise brief is great for everyday use.

Aisle period undies in the high-waisted and boxer styles

Deodorant: Still looking for the best one for myself. I still use Tom’s of Maine I bought years ago, which is okay but not great. I’ve also tried Hey Humans* and Clean Age, which both smell amazing but don’t work super well for me (I get super smelly by the end of the day). For a more masculine scent, Bravo Sierra* offers vegan and aluminum-free deodorant, and my brother has liked it.

Let me know if you have any questions about these brands in the comments! Or, if you have a particular item you’d like recs for, let me know!

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