If you’d like to contact me with questions, suggestions, collaboration offers, or just want to say hello, please email me (keep reading for the email address).

If you’re a brand:

  • Please note that I do not allow guest posts, paid dofollow links, or undisclosed sponsorships. I will delete your email immediately if it falls under these categories.
  • I do not accept free product in exchange for promotion. You wouldn’t accept your salary in free products, so why should I? (Unless it’s a lifetime supply of dark chocolate, at least 70% cacao and Fair Trade – you’ve got a deal.) I do accept PR products, but I can’t guarantee publication; many times, I do end up writing about it if I liked it though.
  • I do not participate in campaigns on an affiliate-only basis. If you need me to create custom content with a campaign brief + rounds of edits, I need to be paid for my work.
  • All that said, I’m able to accommodate legitimate collab requests for my blog, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. Please feel free to contact me if you want to work together in a mutually beneficial way. When reaching out about a potential collab, please share your budget and desired deliverables. I’m way more likely to respond if you’re specific!

If you’re a regular person or entrepreneur looking for advice:

Hi, hello, greetings! Sorry you had to scroll through that. I’m promise I’m much friendlier if you’re not a sketchy brand, and I am open to chatting with you about my blog posts and experiences.

Just please ask yourself whether you’re asking me to perform free labor. I provide many free resources on my blog already, so I have a consulting fee of $120/hour for any extra labor and time requested. On consulting calls, I’m able to provide you tips and share my experience/knowledge, but I can’t do the research or tasks for you. (If you’re wondering why my rate may seem high, keep in mind most of the blogging work I do is free—my 2021 effective pay rate was $13/hour. I also have limited time since I have a full-time job). 

You can book me for speaking or workshops; my fee will vary depending on the event. I’ve spoken already at universities and mindfulness groups, and am happy to discuss sustainable fashion, social media, and everything in between.

I’m unfortunately unable to participate in school projects, as I get daily requests to be interviewed for those, and I wouldn’t have time for my own projects if I were to agree to all of those requests. I used to try to accommodate these, but I was often asked questions I already answered on my blog, and people never followed up to share their final projects with me, both of which are very disheartening. I also am unable to share other creators who would be willing to interview for school projects, as it would be impolite for me to assume that others have that bandwidth.

Thank you for understanding and respecting my boundaries! You are welcome to cite these posts as a source if needed; my full name is Lily Fang.

My email is lily [at] imperfectidealist [dot] com.