21 Sustainable Cottagecore Brands—Affordable, Size-Inclusive

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The cottagecore aesthetic romanticizes a simple life in the countryside. The clothing often features drapey styles in natural fabrics and earthy colors, evoking a sense of being at home in nature.

Because cottagecore is all about a connection to rural life, the movement goes hand-in-hand with sustainability and treating the earth mindfully. In fact, cottagecore is not only an aesthetic but also a revival of traditional skills like growing your own food and sewing your own clothes.

If you’re looking for cottagecore pieces but not quite ready to make your own, this post rounds up 20 small, ethical brands offering cottagecore clothing and jewelry. This sustainable clothing is not only true to the cottagecore aesthetic, but also its spirit, as the garments are made carefully with natural fabrics by fairly-paid artisans.

For each brand, I list out an approximate pricing scale, with one dollar sign meaning $100 or less, two dollar signs meaning around $200, and three dollar signs meaning $300 or more. I also include the size range, but keep in mind that sizing can vary by the garment.

This post contains affiliate links and codes, meaning that I may earn a small commission on any purchases, at no extra cost to you. This income allows me to keep this blog running and it’s much appreciated.

A Note About Shopping Secondhand

Sustainable clothing is expensive, especially when it comes to cottagecore styles that have more delicate details. Quality clothing made in ethical conditions should cost more than fast fashion, but not everyone is able to afford these higher prices.

Luckily, you can find many cottagecore styles in thrift stores and on secondhand apps, and some of these brands have their own pre-loved section on their website.

Definitely don’t hesitate to look for some of the brands mentioned in pre-loved condition. Here are some of my favorite sites/apps for finding secondhand clothing online:

  • eBay
  • Etsy (often small creators, but beware of dropshippers)
  • Poshmark (get $10 off your first purchase with my referral link)
  • ThredUP (get 40% off your first purchase + free shipping with my referral link)
  • Mercari (get $10 off your first purchase with my referral link)

Buying used allows you to save money, and it’s even more in alignment with the cottagecore value of extending the useful live of clothing.

Sustainable Cottagecore Clothing Brands

All images are are courtesy of the brand websites.

1. Son de Flor

Pricing: $$
Size range: XXS-XXL (4XL in some styles)

Son de Flor is a Lithuanian company crafting fairytale-esque and vintage-style pieces from linen. Their pieces are often long and flowy, and many feature the classic peter pan collar.

I own their Classic Dress in Evergreen (which was gifted with no obligation to share), and it feels like the perfect piece for twirling in meadows or wandering through forests (though I’ve mainly worn it to special events, apple picking, and everyday occasions).

The linen is high-quality and both breathable enough to wear in the warmer months and thick enough to wear in the winter (with layers).

Me wearing the Son de Flor classic dress in evergreen while carrying a basket of apples
Me wearing the Son de Flor Classic Dress in Evergreen

Read my full Son de Flor review for more info, including measurements.

Ethics and sustainability: They trace their entire supply chain. The linen is fairly produced in the EU and is Oeko-Tex certified (free from harmful substances). The garments are made in-house or by a local team of women with disabilities. Their packaging is plastic-free, and they offer a resale program.

Shop Son de Flor.

2. Christy Dawn

Pricing: $$$
Size range: XS-XL, with 1X-3X and petite XS-XL in some pieces

This US-based brand is known for its flowy dresses in earthy tones and delicate floral prints, though they offer a wide variety of styles. You’ll also find chunky sweaters and vintage-style boots, completing your cottagecore look.

Note that Christy Dawn is the only brand to offer petite sizing on this list, though there are a few companies that do custom sizing at no extra charge.

Ethics and sustainability: Christy Dawn traces their entire supply chain. They use deadstock fabrics and organic or regenerative cotton grown in India. The pieces are sewn in the US by makers who are paid a living wage, and the pieces are shipped plastic-free.

Shop Christy Dawn.

3. Tradlands

Pricing: $$
Size range: XXS-4X

Tradlands oozes cool and comfortable with their vintage-inspired, but still modern, looks. While their brand is more menswear-inspired than cottagecore, they still have some dresses that fit the bill perfectly, like their Nico linen dress and Chalet tiered dress.

I personally own both dresses, which I’ve found high-quality, flowy, and comfortable. I would just size down for a better fit, though you may not need to in the latest Nico 2.0 style.

Also, be sure to look for Tradlands on secondhand apps for deep discounts, or wait until their anniversary sale in early February. I got my Nico dress when Tradlands had a secondhand option on their own site, but it’s now unfortunately discontinued. See my full review of Tradlands for more details on my experience with the brand.

Me wearing a long green and white gingham dress while holding a bouquet in front of Pike Place Market
Me wearing the Chalet tiered dress. While it’s sold out, the Spring/Summer 2023 collection has beautiful gingham pieces.

Ethics and sustainability: Tradlands pieces are made in Peru or China in factories that are audited yearly, sometimes by the founders of the brand themselves. They pay a living wage based on US standards. The pieces are made from natural fabrics, such as linen, TENCEL, or cotton (grown in Peru), and their packages ship plastic-free.

Shop Tradlands. For first-time customers, use code IMPERFECTIDEALIST15 for 15% off

4. Linenfox

Pricing: $-$$
Size range: XS-XXL

Linenfox offers timeless styles in earthy tones. You’ll find cottagecore linen dresses that are ethereal but still very fitting for everyday wear.

One great thing about Linenfox is that most of their pieces are 100 euros or less, making it one of the more affordable brands on this list. They also offer customizations at a small cost.

Ethics and sustainability: The clothing is made in-house from locally-sourced Lithuanian linen. All pieces are made to order to reduce waste, and the team uses fabric scraps as samples, or turns them into scrunchies or clothing. They also ship plastic-free when they can.

Shop Linenfox.

5. Loud Bodies

Pricing: $-$$$
Size range: XXS-10X, plus custom sizing at no extra charge

Loud Bodies has bold, fairytale-eque dresses made for all bodies. You’ll love the dreamy patterns, ruffles, and sweetheart necklines. The brand is based in Romania and is the gold standard for what a small, sustainable brand should be.

Ethics and sustainability: Loud Bodies is most size-inclusive brand I’ve seen, and they also offer a more affordable line under $100. Some pieces are also gifted each month to people who can’t afford it. The seamstresses work in-house and are paid twice the minimum wage. The pieces ship in recycled packaging, and fabric scraps are turned into pillows to be donated to animal shelters.

Shop Loud Bodies.

6. Pros & Cons

Pricing: $$-$$$
Size range: XS-XL

Pros & Cons is a Canadian slow fashion brand with styles that are the perfect way to add some cottagecore to your wardrobe in a modern and romantic way.

Their latest line of dresses feature feminine details like ruffles, halter tops, and delicate prints. The dresses are made with organic ECOVERO and printed with Oeko-Tex certified dyes. Their other items include summery tops and skirts. All pieces are made strategically to reduce fabric waste.

Pros & Cons traces their production to ensure fair wages and conditions for their manufacturing partners. The founder and owner of Pros & Cons does all the designing, materials sourcing, and first sample making. The finished-product manufacturer is located right in Toronto, and the owner visits the small team throughout the manufacturing process.

Shop Pros & Cons.

7. Private Tailor

Pricing: $
Size range: XS-6XL, plus custom sizing

This affordable Etsy store is mainly dedicated to classic silhouettes in cotton and linen, but you’ll also find some cottagecore pieces, like this tiered summer dress or this long-sleeve collar dress.

Ethics and sustainability: All clothing is made-to-order from a cotton/linen blend. The clothing appears to be sewn by the designer in China, or is made in their studio. This option has the least information about ethics/sustainability, but it’s the most affordable and one of the more size-inclusive, so I’ve added it here.

Shop PrivateTailor.

8. Hackwith Design House

Pricing: $$-$$$
Size range: XS-4X

Hackwith Design House is the epitome of a cottagecore brand with its flowy silhouettes in earthy tones. Their dreamy pieces look made for wandering through fields, though they’re also modern and refined, so they’ll work just as as well for everyday wear.

Ethics and sustainability: The pieces are made from natural fabrics and sewn in Hackwith Design House’s own studio in Minnesota. They also have a pre-loved section on their site called The Sustain Shop, where you can pick up pieces for a steep discount.

Shop Hackwith Design House.

9. SeamsFriendly

Pricing: $
Size range: Custom sizing (Bust 26”-70” and waist 19”- 63”)

True to the South Asian tradition, SeamsFriendly offers tailor-made clothing at a relatively affordable price. While they aren’t a cottagecore brand per se, they have quite a few options that are romantic and flowy, like this burgundy tiered dress and this cloud tiered dress.

I own a few of their pieces (gifted with no obligation to post), and they fit beautifully and are good quality. Just keep in mind that the dyes are natural and do bleed, so you’ll either want to handwash or wash with like colors (or buy lighter colors). I also found that their linen-like cotton fabric was prone to tears, so I’d stick with the other fabrics. See my full SeamsFriendly review for more details.

Ethics and sustainability: SeamsFriendly uses natural, plant-based fabrics and dyes for their custom, made-to-order pieces. The pieces are sewn locally in India and the makers are paid a living wage.

Shop SeamsFriendly. Use code IMPERFECTIDEALIST for 15% off. 

10. Whimsy + Row

Pricing: $$
Size range: XS-XL

Whimsy + Row is the perfect blend of modern and whimsical. Their pieces feel very current without being overly trendy, and the styles are quite romantic. One of their most popular dresses is the Sidney dress (first image), which has adjustable sleeves and can be worn three different ways.

Ethics and sustainability: Whimsy + Row manufactures locally in LA and visits its factories weekly to ensure fair wages and conditions. They use natural or deadstock fabrics and recycle fabric scraps into their products. They also use low-impact dye and only use recycled water. Your package will ship plastic-free in recycled packaging.

Shop Whimsy + Row, Use code WANDR10 for 10% off.

11. Nour and the Merchant

Pricing: $$
Size range: XS-XXXL, plus custom sizing for a fee

Step straight into a fairytale with Nour and the Merchant’s intricately-patterned dresses and delicate corsets. You won’t find sustainable clothing that fits the cottagecore vibe better than these.

Ethics and sustainability: The dresses are sewn in the owner’s small Italian studio. Everything is made-to-order, and the owner prioritizes organic, deadstock, and recycled fabrics. Any leftover fabric isn’t wasted and is turned into new items. Shipments are carbon offset.

Shop Nour and the Merchant.

12. OffOn

Pricing: $$
Size range: XS-XXL

OffOn features breezy linen clothing that has an undeniable rustic quality with oversized collars, ruffles, and gingham prints. The silhouettes are bold and modern without being too flashy.

Ethics and sustainability: The garments are made-to-order in the brand’s own studio in Lithuania. Their fabrics are also manufactured locally in Europe and are GOTS-certified (Global Organic Textile Standard), Oeko-Tex certified (free from harmful substances), and Global Recycling Standard certified for 20% recycled content. Fabric scraps are donated to schools for art projects, or sewn into new items.

Shop OffOn.

13. Luna + Sun

Pricing: $$-$$$
Size range: AU/UK 6-18 (US 2-14)

Luna + Sun has beautiful cottagecore dresses that are designed to fit well throughout changes in body size (such as pregnancy). Many of their pieces are wrap-style with ruffles.

Beyond its romantic styles, Luna + Sun also holds extremely high ethical standards, setting an example for other sustainable brands.

Ethics and sustainability: This Australia-based brand is made locally by a manufacturer that’s acredited with Ethical Clothing Australia. The garments are made with plant-based fabrics that are Oeko-Tex certified, and any scraps are turned into smaller items or donated to nonprofits. For every $1 spent on the site, two trees are planted, and all shipments are carbon offset. Luna + Sun also has a take-back/recycling program through Upparel.

Shop Luna + Sun.

14. Meadows

Pricing: $$
Size range: US 0-14/UK 4-18

The brand website describes Meadows as a “romantic and feminine collection inspired by Victoriana, prairie-style, and folklore.” You’d be hard-pressed to find a brand with more unique prints and delicate details.

Ethics and sustainability: Meadows is based in the UK and manufactures in China in small factories that are regularly audited for safe conditions, gender equality, and fair pay. Their dyes are Oeko-Tex certified, and they’re in the process of transitioning their materials to certified organic fabrics and responsible wool.

Shop Meadows.


Pricing: $
Size range: XS-XXL, plus custom sizing/changes for a fee

This Lithuanian brand is known for its clean, simple linen clothing. The pieces drape loosely, allowing you to move freely as you go about your day.

Because Not PERFECT LINEN is one of the more affordable cottagecore brands, its pieces are more easily found on secondhand apps for a discount.

Ethics and sustainability: This sustainable cottagecore clothing is made-to-order from local, Oeko-Tex certified linen. The seamstresses are paid a living wage.


16. OhSevenDays

Pricing: $$
Size range: XS-XL

When you spend a good amount of money on clothing, it’s ideal if you can wear it in multiple ways. Luckily, OhSevenDays creates reversible cottagecore dresses—patchwork, puffed sleeves, smocked bodice—you name it!

Ethics and sustainability: The clothing is made in Istanbul in a factory that’s regularly audited for safe conditions and fair wages. OhSevenDays uses deadstock/leftover fabrics, so they’re automatically lower-impact, but the materials still pretty sustainable in themselves (you’ll see eco-friendly fabrics such as Cupro and Tencel).

Shop OhSevenDays.

17. Mantaikotai

Pricing: $-$$
Size range: XS-XL

Mantaikotai is a family-owned linen clothing business based in Lithuania. Their cottagecore clothing is rich in color while still feeling natural; it drapes nicely but is also fitted in the right places.

Ethics and sustainability: All the cothing is made from natural fabrics and the business is run by the owner, her husband, her mother, and a small team of tailors.

Shop Mantaikotai.

Small Cottagecore Jewelry Brands

This cottagecore jewelry is handcrafted. None of these are sustainable in the sense that they use recycled materials, but because they’re from small businesses, they have a lower impact than mass-produced jewelry.

18. Midnight Cashew

Mushroom earrings in a variety of bright colors

Midnight Cashew has the most realistic mushroom earrings sculpted from polymer clay. I bought a pair myself and love how whimsical they are. They’re not heavy at all and make any outfit look more unique.

Shop Midnight Cashew.

19. kcxsunshine

Terrarium necklace

You’ll find delicate terrarium jewelery in this shop, including necklaces and earrings.

Shop kcxsunshine.

20. DayDreamJewelryStore

Butteerfly wing drop earrings

Rose gold is the theme of this cottagecore jewelry store. Some standout picks include mushroom jewelry, butterfly drop earrings, and pressed flower earrings.

Shop DayDreamJewelryStore.

21. Soulforestcollection

Real mushroom and plant resin earrings

Wear real flowers and mushrooms, delicately preserved in resin. There’s nothing more cottagecore than wearing nature itself!

Shop soulforestcollection.

Let us know in the comments if there are any other ethical cottagecore brands you’d add to this list! For more brand suggestions, check out my sustainable brand directory or my guide to ethical dark academia brands.

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  1. I only knew Son de Flor as they’re quite huge among the vintage accounts I follow. Thanks a lot for sharing brands from different regions, as personally, I prefer ordering from within the EU for shorter transports (and I don’t want to pay customs, of course, haha). I’m surprised to see that so many of these brands are located in Lithuania. I wonder what that’s all about.

    1. Haha totally makes sense! I tried to share brands from around the world since buying more locally has lots of benefits. And I thought that was interesting as well, but I believe it’s because Lithuania has a long heritage of flax cultivation and the climate there is ideal for it. It makes me want to go to Lithuania now to check out all the linen brands!

  2. I’ve bought from a few of these brands before (OffOn, Linenefox, Meadows) and can attest to great quality and in some cases there were some customization options for sizing because it was made to order. Thanks for the other recommendations I’m excited to check them out!

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