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Hello there! Thanks for finding me on Instagram and wanting to learn more 🙂 My name is Lily, I’m 24, and I blog about sustainability, running, and travel.

I like to use Instagram as a way to share bite-sized info, but the topics I cover are often very nuanced. If you want to learn more, check out these detailed posts that I’ve written. If you’re only interested in sustainable fashion, check out my niche TikTok and YouTube (linked below).

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Action Items to Support Garment Workers

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You might say something like:

Dear [Brand],

I love your clothing, but I’m concerned about labor rights issues within your supply chain. [Brand] has yet to commit to paying for canceled COVID-19 orders, despite the fact that you have [a billionaire CEO] OR [made profits during the pandemic]. At the same time, the majority of garment workers have not had enough money to feed themselves. As a [former] customer, I urge you to commit to paying up and provide fair working conditions for your workers, outlined at

I will be following along your decision. Until then, I cannot support your brand.


[Your name]

Other Action Items

1. Sign the petition at
2. Sign the Garment Worker Center Petition to pass the Garment Worker Protection Act.
3. Donate to AWAJ, which directly supports women garment workers in Bangladesh

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About Me

I'm Lily, and I run races and go places (& blog about it). I also try to advocate for the planet & its people.
Here is where I document my (mis)adventures and try to offer some helpful advice. Feel free to join me for the ride. Read More

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